Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Too Far Ahead 

I have a professor (not the one I wrote about last time!) who assigns a LOT of reading with his classes. This class it's 6 books, which is easier than last class (11 books! All over 200 pages), and while it is easier I learned from the last class that you always want to be slightly ahead of where he thinks you should be, or you will never get all the reading done. Now he tests on the readings, very easy, 4 questions which if you have read the work are very basic.... like what is under every chapter heading or what was he writing about or something equally simplistic. Your screwed if you haven't done the reading, but done in 20 seconds if you have.
So anyway, we have one of these tests last night on a portion of the packet of monk rules (Benidictine, Franciscian etc.). I've read the whole packet in an attempt to get ahead- so last night I am taking the quiz and I start second guessing myself. The questions are simple (like I said) and can apply to each rule. So I cross out what I wrote and wrote something else. It turns out that I wrote on the wrong section of the packet. Grrrrr.... that'll teach me to read ahead!


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