Friday, March 04, 2005


Death is a funny business. I don't mean funny ha-ha. I mean funny weird. It's strange how people behave when someone dies. Working with autopsy you see a lot of things that make you wonder. When Grandpa died, my whole family pulled together and we made descions together, repspecting both Jewish law and Grandma's wishes. Maybe it's because all the deaths I see are controversial or accidental that people are weird.
First there is the family fighting over weather the father of the deceased is allowed to know why his daughter died. Then there are people trying to get articles off (and out of) the bodies. You hear nothing but squabbles and legal wranglings of this family memeber shutting out this one, or trying to pull a fast one on that one. A mother not wanting an autopsy on her dead child, and the grandmother insisiting.
It amazes me, the thing people do after you are dead. You would think that people would pull together to find the answers of hwy someone died, and to share the grief amongst the family. Use each other for support. It's sad that it doesn't always happen that way.


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