Tuesday, March 15, 2005


What is it that gives us cravings? Food, drink, being touched, what is it about these things makes makes us want them so bad? Sure there is the whole pregnant/horemone/body chemstry thing, but what about people? How does a craving for a person work?
There are times when I like the life Jon and I have. He works out of town all week, giving me my "me" time to get done what I need done. I see him most weekends, and when I don't it allows me to do some extra homework, or see a movie or do things that I need to get done. But there are time, like now, when I absolutly hate it, and I find myself "craving" him. Not so much physically or anything, but just to hear him move about the house, smell him at night when we sleep, hear his voice.


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