Friday, January 28, 2005


So I am taking a class on Early and Medieval Christian History this semester- basically to learn more about the medieval period, but also to learn more about Christianity. I'm Jewish and as my best friend is Christain and my boyfriend is Catholic I'd like to know more about how they think. I was not brought up in a strictly religous household, so I don't really know alot about this stuff.
So anyway, I am reading one of my textbooks for this class, it's the epistles written by people after the death of Jesus, and I started thinking about Judiaism vs Christianity.
Now there is no debate as to the fact that Jesus and his disciples were all Jewish right? Now I always knew this (at least the part about Jesus being Jewish) and I remember once that I said to Lyndall during an argument that if Jesus hadn't existed they'd all be Jewish. Now I started thinking about this statement, and I realise I was wrong. Very Wrong. Yes, Jesus was Jewish, as was his followers, and the first Christians were Jewish. But the majority of the Christians were "pagans". Romans, Greeks, worshipers of multiple gods. So if the main converts were Pagans, then almost everyone who is Christain today would actually be a pagan. Judisim is very... selective (at least as far as I know.) and I don't think we would have ever become the major religion in the world.
So that's my ramblings for the day.


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