Wednesday, December 01, 2004

New opportunities 

So the last week and a bit has been a frustrating muddle of busses, begging rides and looking for a new car. Once upon a time I thrived in a world of public transportation, trains, trams, busses- there was no where I couldn't go. Sure sometimes it took an hour or so, but that was great reading time. So how bad could this really be right? Oh my Lord... it is AWFUL. There is one bus a day coming from where I live to the city, and one back out again. I have to transfer to 3 different busses to get from work to school, which is basically a straight line- and I STILL have to walk. A distance that took me 25 mins to drive takes me an hour and 15 mins to get to by public transportation. So yeah, classes are just about out of the question, although a great person in one of my classes has offered to give me rides, just because she's nice.
And to top of the crappy week, my legs have progressivly gotton number. First my toes, then it spreads up my legs to my lower back. Which makes walking difficult as I can't really feel my legs, it's like having pins and needles in both legs! More annoying than painful though, so I can deal with it, although there is a littl nagging worry in that this happened in May of 2003, and it ended with severe back pain. I REALLY don't want that to happen again. So without a car, I feel really restricted, because I don't want to excerise my back more than necessary.
But through this all I feel very positive. The loosing of my car has made it that I can get something better (and maybe even newer) for a lot less money, and be able to have some extra every month. None of this scraping of every penny for food or gas, I will finally be able to go out and DO stuff. Jon and I have finally reached a level playing field, where we can let our guard down and just BE together. We've had a wonderful couple of days, and his smile just makes me feel like a million bucks. So I guess loosing my car wasn't so bad after all. Just.... inconvientient.


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