Wednesday, December 22, 2004

If it isn't one thing..... 

Well I for one am glad this year is finally over. First it was the Bankrupcy, then it was the job struggle, then I lost my car and now my apartment caught fire. Well not my apartment specifically, just the furnace/boiler room benieth the stairs of my apartment. So this morning I had a really rude wake up call around 5.30 by my downstairs neighbour to a house full of smoke. I inhaled a bit while trying to get the cat carrier out, and then trying to capture the cats, so I am a bit croakey now, but thankfully we all got out ok and safe. They had the worst of it out by 7.30ish and they allowed us back inside to get dressed (which was great seeing as I was standing in the snow in my slippers and dressing gown) and they finally left around 8.30ish. My downstairs neighbour was impacted the worst. The fire burned into her closet and she has smoke and water damage to all her clothers, I had the worst smoke in mine, so it smells to high heaven and there may be some damage to the electric equipment, but we don't know yet as there is no power to check. I'm staying in a hotel for now, and will probabley go back tonight to start cleaning my apartment (they had to unload the stairwell closet into mine so I have stuff EVERYWHERE)but I am find and that's what's important right?


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