Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Getting Published 

Earlier this year many of you will remember that my kitty Stimpy died. At the time I wrote a poem expressing what I felt, and just to see what would happen entered it into a poetry contest (poetry.com). Last night I got a letter...... it's getting published! It's going to be in a collection of poetry works. :D I am hoping that this will be a step towards maybe writing a full book some day- who knows?

Here is the poem:

Soft white and brown hair,
Big green eyes with an intelligent stare
Huge paws and a big fluffy tail
I came home one day and you were there

The things you used to do
Still brings smiles to my face
Wrapping your tail around our legs
Leaving cookie crumbs all over the place

Digging into a box of peanuts
Stealing my bear for your perch
Sleeping aginst our legs
Purring like a motor boat.

Taking care of your brother Tiny
Begging for treats every night
Telling us your day in meows
Coming to check on us should we fight.

You were regal and proud,
And sometimes quite the wuss
And though you are gone
We will love you none the less.


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