Monday, December 20, 2004

Bah Humbug 

Why is it that this time of year is so full of ups and downs? The joy of giving gifts to the people I care about, and the downs of family. Things with Jon's family are still strained. I wrote them a letter, and I hoped that I would at least be acknowlged. But low and behold Jon got a Christmas card from them, that was not addressed to both of us (unlike last year when my name was also on all cards). *sigh* I must keep my head up and keep trying. It's so hurtful to be left out, especially at this time of year. I listen to him talk about gifts he is getting, and when they are going where and it pains me to know that I am not going with him. But I have to stand as the moral one in all this. I will not make him choose, becuase they are family and as yet I am not.


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