Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Loosing It 

Have you ever had a time in your life where NOTHING goes right? No matter how hard you try God- or whoever- is there to bean you over the head with a brick to knock you back down? It's been one of those years for me. Bankrupcy in March, temping and the inability to get a full time job, having times out of work.
ANd now, that things were FINALLY looking up- finally got a full time job, signed with a modeling agency, got an "in" on a night school at SUNY... WHAM

My car got repossessed.

So yeah. I just lost my transportation to and from work and school, I have no way to get to Thanksgiving anything, not family, not friends (as she doesn't drive), and I have absolutly no way to get my car back, nor a way to get a new one. With my Bankrupcy no one will give me a loan. I couldn't even get a stinking student loan- can you believe that! Nothing.

So what the FUCK do I do now?


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