Tuesday, November 16, 2004


People reading this probabley know the person who I am about to write about, so I really hope I dont offend him, but I need to write (as always when I am emotionally involved in something).
For 4 years I lived with a guy that had a rage, something boiling benieth the surface of his soul and mind, and as close to him as I tried to get, I was always afraid of that rage. It colored my vision of who that person was and what he was capable of, and I was always afraid of him not being able to control when I did or said something stupid. In the end it was one of the reasons I left him.
Now he is in a situation where the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with is not on the same wave length as him- and who can blame her partially, she is technically still married and probabley not ready for ANY committment, even if it is just friends with benefits- and these demons are threatening to come out.
I have seen those demons in your eyes, and I hated what I saw. Maybe the way to help yourself is let her go. Don't fight the fight you know you might loose. Tell her how you feel and walk away. She will realize the person she has lost. I hope. Just don't let them gain control.


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