Tuesday, November 02, 2004

American Politics 

Ok. I was born in America. I am a citizen. Even though I grew up in another country and still consider myself Australian, I have come to grips with the fact that this is my home now. But I still to this day have issues with American politics.
I don't like the system of choosing presidents. Sure, it's meant to be a checks and balance system and meant to help make sure votes are counted, but I thought America was supposed to be a democracy. How democratic is it if I live in a state that is "republican" or "democratic" and I know that no matter how I vote, it won't change the outcome. How am I really having a say? It comes down to a few states- Ohio, Florida, states that have different views about things than I probabley do. I'm not saying that my choice is the only choice, and I don't care if your a Bush or Kerry supporter, I care that I want my vote to count.
The electoral colleges mean that that doesn't happen. If 51% Vote Kerry and 49% Vote Bush, then the state goes to Kerry. But what if that percentage means Bush got more of the popular vote? Are we going to see another contested race just like 2000? I don't want the law courts deciding who is going to rule this country for the next 4 years. I want to decide. I want you to decide.
This country wonders why people don't go out and vote. It's because there is no point. My vote means nothing. Sure, my one vote may mean an extra .0000001 in the popular vote, but that wont change who is elected president. Australia bases it's election on the popular vote, who ever gets the most wins, and that's the way it should be. Every persons vote should make a difference. You should matter, not just be a number who turned out at the polls.

Another issue I have is with deciding who is going to be a presidential nominee. Back in 2000 the Republicans ran a nomination for McCain. I lived in California and EVERYONE loved him. However, the conservative east didn't, and he dropped out of the race before the primaries in CA. How different would our lives be if he had hung on and possibly gotton the support from CA? It's like the primaries don't really matter anymore past the New England ones. If you don't win the first few, drop out. How is that a real representation of what your party members feel if you are only letting the east coast speak for your party? Primaries should be held nationwide, all at once. Just like a real election. This way you get the TRUE voice of your party deciding who would be the best representative for your cause, not just the one with the most money.

I am not affiliated with any party, I am a swing voter. It is me you must please with your policies, becuase you know your party is going to vote for you (at least you should hope so). And yet, when it comes down to the wire, my vote, my voice, has no impact on the outcome of this election.


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