Monday, October 11, 2004

Yeah Yeah Yeah 

Ok... so Lyndall sent me my marching orders to make a new post. It's nice to know I have someone who can kick me in the butt once in a while and get me doing what I should do. Life has had it's ups and downs recently. I lost my job at RPI, which was really no big loss seeing as there was nothing for me to do anyway. But I've been without work for 3 weeks now and I am starting to feel the money pinch. I think I have rent covered, but not my car payment or anything else at this point. So thats a bit of a stress. Jon and My first anniversary is coming up on Nov 2nd and I can't afford to buy him a single thing. Talk about depressing.
The good news is that I did get a full time job that I should start next week. Hopefully I can stick with that one for a while. Also, I got signed with a modeling/acting agency. As Glenn would say, I'm gonna be a "supa-star". Hmm... not really. It's mainly extra work, like being a dead body on CSI or somthing like that, which I still think is pretty cool. Jon wants to do it too (and thye wanted him) but there is a set up fee thingy (for headshots and things like that) and we can't afford both of us. Anyway, my photo shoot is the 23rd, so yay!

Ok, That's all I got for now... Jon's home so I'm gonna go bother him ;)


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