Monday, September 13, 2004

Just for you 

Hey Smelly... seems you were bugging my Mum for me to write a new blog. Well here it is :D
Life is... well life. You take each day as it comes. With my Grandfathers death I have found life to be more simple, with that I mean easier to enjoy. The smaller things satisfy me, wheras before well, they didn't. Seeing Jon when I come home from work, going to class, knowing that I can. Talking to a friend, or helping someone. Feeling Jons arms around me at night. Smelly I could tell you so many stories, but I don't know who would read this blog so I won't here.
This last weekend we went camping. Such a small things. Him buying me an icecream when we got to the top of the trail, and sharing it with him on the way back down. Him reaching to help me if I stumble. His arms around me at night snuggling against me because it was cold. The way he reacts to me when I smile. Even the reactions of those around me. My mother commenting on the blueness of his eyes. See some other women give him an admiring stare. I feel so lucky to have him by my side.


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