Thursday, August 19, 2004

Work Rant 

I am a temp at where I work, meaning that I don't get paid directly by the hospital. I have not been looking for full time work because I had a job lined up. The social services department has a Grant from the state for a new program they have started, and part of that grant was 30,000 for an administrative assistant. The manager of SS has heard so many great stories about my work (not that I am sure it is all true) that she decided she wanted to hire me for this position once my temp assignment was finished. Unfortunatly, she didn't have the position approved yet so she couldn't formally offer me the job. She stared this process, and was informed yesterday that the position would not be approved..... meaning the day before my assignment finishes, I am without a job.
This was perfect, I could work nights and weekends, meaning that I could go to classes during the day, the right salary, and the right work. They want her to take that money and apply it to people who are already working at the hospital, including a social worker who is already being paid by March of Dimes. Basically, it's fraudulant. She has been told that the paperwork, tracking and financials that I would have been doing should be handled with a volunteer, or share someone from another department.
Needless to say, I am very upset and unfortunatly back on the job hunt.


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