Thursday, August 26, 2004


Today was my Grandfathers funeral. It was both a touching and a sorrowful time. Most touching was the recieving line. Obviously I was ther greeting people as they came in- it took us over 2 hours and we still did not see everyone. There was no parking for 4 blocks around the temple, and a line out the door and halfway around the block waiting to speak with us. There were some patients of my Grandfathers, policemen, who came by, while on duty, to pay their respects, and then afterwards gave us a police escort to the cemetary- sirens and all. The love I felt from these people towards my grandfather was overwhelming, the community responce was incredible.
But it was also a sad time. A time for remembering a man we loved. Each time I looked at the plain wooden casket I broke down, especially as he was lowered into the grave. The single mint candy, a testament to the candy he always carried in his pockets, sitting on top of the casket was heart wrenching, knowing that he would never again, reach in, unwrap and pop that sweet in his mouth.
I could go on for days about the things of today, but I am emotionally drained and I must sleep.


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