Tuesday, July 06, 2004


These last few days I have been so moody and I don't know why. Maybe it was the argument that Jon and I had Friday. Maybe it was that we didn't get to talk about it until Sunday night because his family was always around. Maybe it was just the fact that his family was here. I don't know. But EVERYTHING is getting on my nerves these last few days. We finally moved into our apatment where we will be living for the next year. We had talked some about how we wanted to set things up, and so that what I did.... and now Jon is saying that he is living in my apartment. Do all guys feel that way? I mean, His stuff is out as well as mine, i'ts not like it's only my stuff around the house. In fact, is see more of his belongings than mine. Am I being so selfish, or is it just my attitude.... do I even HAVE an attitude? I kept trying to get his input and he said he didn't care, but then he did care and it was all so confusing. *sigh*


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