Monday, June 21, 2004


Sometimes the things we do hurts our friends. The people that are there for you when times are good, and in bad. I have someone I call friend. He knows who he is. And he was hurt by something I said in this very Blog. And for that I am sorry.
But sometimes I think that this world is too kind to people. I think we are all so busy be nice to everyone that we don't say what is on our minds. How often can we say what we truly mean to someone? I think that friendship should be about being brutally honest, even if that hurts sometimes. Maybe I'm too harsh, but I want to able to say what I truley mean, and not hide behind niceties... no one becomes better that way.
So- friend- I hope you have learned from what I said. You're a better person that that. But remember that what you don't think about, or what you brush off as "that's just how I am" causes those around you pain, espeically those that care.


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