Tuesday, May 11, 2004


*sings* Moving, moving moving.
Sorry about that- I know my singing voice is bad. Well, the cards have finally played out, and Jon and I are packing up and moving to Albany. I feel like i have done this before..... wait I did.... 5 months ago when I moved to Maine. Holy crap.... it's been 5 months already. It feels like it was just a few weeks ago that I stressed and packed all my stuff for that last frantic move. At least this time I have Jon to help me, and I don't have the struggle of finding money for the moving truck.
And so begins our new adventure together. I am nervous about this move. I am beginning to like Maine- although I hated it so much during the winter. We are so close to the beach, and now that the warmer weather is here there is no humidity so it's a lot like home. When we visiting Albany, the humidity was oppressive..... I am SO not looking forward to that. But, I think the positives outweigh my concerns. I applied to SUNY ALbany, so I will hopefully be heading back to school. It looks positive me getting a good job.... so keep your fingers crossed! Jon and I even talked about buying a house in a year.... so it looks like the dreams are finally falling into place :D.


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