Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Settling In 

Well I am slowly settling in. I have re-aranged Jonathan's living room and kitchen- and tomorrow, when my truck arrives, I will re-do his bedroom. lol.... actually most of the house is pretty well set up. I just had to rearrange some things for when my stuff arrives on my truck. Let me tell you- it will be nice to be sleeping on a big bed again. As wonderful as it is to snuggle with him, a single bed is just WAY too small to sleep on long term. God knows how I did it with John all those years ago. Especially as Mr Hot body is a furnace at night.
Next week he goes out of town for work. It's going to suck having him gone for a week so soon after I have arrived. I knew this was going to happen- I mean they have him out of town a lot, I was just hoping that we would have a couple of weeks to settle down together. Ahhh well, these are the times I live in. I just hope that I have a job by then. I am already going stir crazy being out of work. It's been 2 weeks now (a weeks driving and this week) and I am starting to go out of my mind. I interviewed with Pizza Hut today, so I am fairly sure that we will have no problems there. Just waiting on the background check to come back.
Things with Jon and I are great. He is more than what I dreamed. Everything he says, does, thinks is a wonder to me. We have done a lot of talking about the future, and we have both said that we often forget that we are not even engaged yet. But the love is there, and I see a very happy future.
Anyway, I must sign off this journal now. Using Jon's work PC as still no access from home.
Love you all!


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