Friday, December 26, 2003

"On the Road Again" 

Well here I am a week into my long road trip. Today is the third day in New York, we are spending it with Jonathans family for Christmas. It has been an intresting week.
The first two days we didn't even get out of Nevada. The first day doesn't really count much, seeing as we started driving at 8pm, and only went for three hours, but still- Nevada is a BIG state. The second morning we got up at 5am and took a 2 hour detour to see the Grand Canyon, at sunrise. It was amazing. The $20 to get in was a bit high we thought, but in the end it was worth it. That day we didn't stop until 9pm (which was really 10pm as we had crossed a time zone), and put a thousand miles on my car. Talk about numb butt. The third and fourth day we woke a little later and did fewer miles, but we made it to New York on the fourth day at around 3pm.
It was such a relief to get out of that car- I am not sure who was more relieved, me or the cats.
Spending time with Jon's family has been great. They are very similar to mine in many ways, so I feel a little at home. There has been a few awkard moments for me, when I had some flashbacks of times with Glenn and the family that hated me, but overall things went great. They have taken the Thanksgiving trip and the promise ring really well, and his mother seems to want to plan our wedding already lol. We've been told we are not allowed to have it this year (2004) as there are too many weddins already. So I am feeling more relieved.
Well, I must stop hogging the PC- I will be typing again from my new home when I get regualr service!


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