Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Wow. I forgot how much travelling can take out of you. Chicago was all fogged in today, which means they closed a runway. You never realise how many planes are needed in a day, until they close a runway and they can't get the planes in and out. The worst thing, is nobody knew just WHAT time you would be getting off the ground. I had to change gates 5 times, and had my departure and arrival time change about a million. So my 4.40pm flight FINALLY took off at midnight. The worst part is my cell phone had died, and I was not able to update my ride on what time to get me. He had to wait an hour in Oakland- and he has to work at 5am. I felt so guilty. However, United really pulled through. They did everything they could to keep us updated, gave us food on the flight, and were really very pleasant about the whole thing. I also got an AMAZING pilot. I have flown probabley 300 or so planes in my life, and I have NEVER had a landing as amazing as I did tonight/this morning. Ususally you feel the wheels hit the tarmac. Sometimes that a hard bump, and sometimes it's a gently skid sound. Tonight, there was neither. It was so smooth, that I didn't realise we were even on the ground until I saw the wing flaps go up and the plane slow to a near stop. Even though I had delays this time I flew AND last time I flew, both in excess of 5 hours, I will still fly nothing but United.
Anyway, all in all I had a great time this weekend, hated to leave. I must hit the sack now, back to our regular broadcasts tomorrow.


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