Monday, November 17, 2003


I don't ever remember growing up and saying "Mum- I wanna be a workaholic when I grow up." Nope. I don't ever think I said that. (If I did- Mum please explain why you did not kill me then!) So I wonder how it is that I have now found myself waking up to the fact that I AM a workaholic. Yes faithful readers. I am in need of some serious WA (Workaholic Ananymous).
I have always been a hard worker. I always give everything I have to my job. But I had always put it down to the fact that I was a contractor, that I was proving my worth, etc. etc. I never really woke up to the fact that I was neglecting my social life for a job- I didn't have friends anyway right???
So I am sure you are all sitting there asking- and how did you realise you had a problem? Well I didn't really... and part of me still doesn't. Yet again, I explain it away by saying "Well Jeff [my boss] is just struggling right now. I will help out until he get's someone else" or "I am broke, I could use the money."
Next Saturday, my boyfriend is arriving from Maine. He is neglecting his family so that he can come spend a week with me over thanksgiving. We have this mini trip planned, where we are going to Lake Tahoe to have a romantic evening and to spend the night. I finally realised I had issues when I was scheduling some work activities on the way to and from our getaway. EXCUSE ME?!? What the hell am I thinking?????
I guess luckily for me he is as much a workaholic as I am and will understand, in fact I may even put him for work. But I still pose the question to my readers...
Is there really a cure for workaholism????


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