Saturday, November 29, 2003


It is weird when you think that a series of chances, and a single moment will change your life. As I sit here typing, I cannot help but wonder at the single moment in time which led to today. My cousin Michael's Bar mitzvah. I wrote about that while I was there. I don't know if it was a plan from some higher being, or just random chance that I was destined to be at that Bar Mitzvah. But it was that day that I met J. And thus my life was changed forever.
It is hard to think that the Bar Mitzvah was only 3 weeks ago, as it feels as if J and I have been together forever. We have talked twice a day since the day I left, and this week we have spent just about every moment together. So much of our time has been talking of the future- friends, family, marriage, kids. But until today I never realised how true our intentions really were.
Today, a lazy day after thanksgiving, we wandered through the crowded throngs at the mall, and window shopped. Tried on a few pairs of pants. And then, we tried on- or rather I tried on- rings. Yes my faithful reader, we looked for rings. I did not think much of it, enjoying the chance to look and talk about what we liked and what we didn't.
Sitting on my dresser tonight is the pick-up ticket for an item I never thought I'd recieve, especially after less than a month dating. Today, I recieved an intent, a promise, from my beloved that speaks louder than any words ever will. Today I recieved a promise ring.
No, it is not an engagement ring. It does not mean that we will be marrying any time in the present future. But it does mean that I need to take him home soon to ask my parents for my hand (he's old fashioned what can I say?) And it does mean that this man intends to marry me. And my acceptance means that I intend to marry him.
I wrote before, asking how you know if you are chasing a rainbow, or holding something real. Well now I know. When that time is right- you know. No doubts, no worries, this is it.


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