Sunday, November 02, 2003


Ahhh. I love vacations.
I went out last night with my cousin Tommy, his girlfriend Allison and their friend Jon. We went to this small club here at downtown. Ow wow the music. They had two different sections, one with the oldies- 50's to 70's and 80's music, and one with more modern dance music. Oh my lord I danced all night long.
That combined with those splits I ended up in yesterday- boy my legs HURT today! lol.
But it was worth it. The lights flashing above my head, closing my eyes, feeling the music flow through me, moving my body of it's own will. Heavenly bliss. I have GOT to go dancing more often when I go home. David- if you do not take me dancing at least once I am going to get upset! ;)
We just finished brunch, and we are headed to the Cider Mill. Best donuts in the world lol. Cider is ok too.... but it's tradition to go watch the cider being made and the donuts, and you get some to take home. I didn't make it last time I was here because it was closed. It's a family tradition so I am pretty excited. Later on we have a "pizza football" party at my Aunts. I'll probabley go hide lol.
Anyway, I must go find a heat pack for my legs.


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