Wednesday, October 22, 2003

So I sat down last night, and started to write. I felt like I had words flowing through my viens instead of blood. It's one of the reasons I started this Blog. I feel like here I can let go of everything that is stuck inside of me, it's refreshing. I am not sure anyone will ever read this thing, but I guess it is a place for those to get to know my inner soul. Anyway, I wrote this poem last night. It's not the best literary work I have ever done, but I think it expresses my feelings well. And hey- gimmee a break- I haven't written a poem in a while!

I wish he saw the tears
Falling as I drove away
But deep in my heart
I know hes better off this way.

He wants so bad to please
To make others feel good
But I really dont want him to love me
Just because he thinks he should.

It started out all wrong
We both went too far
And now I am here waiting
With the pieces of my heart.

All the small things he is
Have added up to this
But nothing can compare
To the power of his kiss.

It sends a shock through me
And speeds up my heart
It pulls deep in my soul
Inside Im torn apart.

For my soul cries for him
And what I think could be
But I cannot push the issue
For he does not feel that for me.

So I softly smile at him
And slowly pull away
Watching in my rearview
Wishing I could stay.

Yet as the tears are falling
Slipping down my cheeks
I cannot help but hope
That he will see me for me.

For his kiss still holds me captive
His smile still steals my heart
Every little thing he does
Makes up a little part.

The ease with which we talk
The comfortable silence we share
Each and every moment
Shows how much is there.

So even as I cry these tears
I sigh and gently smile
Knowing myself as I do
That I will wait a while.

Hoping that time
Is all that he requires
For him to find the spark
He so desperately desires.


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