Monday, October 27, 2003

The small things 

Sometimes you need to take a moment to take stock of the small things in life. We are always so focused on the big things- I must go to work, He broke my heart, I must eat, The laundry needs doing- that we forget the small joys that come along now and then.
Like the smile of the child, recieving his free pizza for reading a book (talk about incentive!). The chatter of his voice as he tells you all about his favorites. The proud look of a father, watching his child learn love for something noble (the book you heathens- not the pizza).
The voice of a friend, who knows you intimatly, and who you know in return. Each nuance music to your ears.
The sparkle of laughter in someones eyes, no matter how ignomious the situation- nor how allergic you are to the space splattered all over your face.
The joy in being able to laugh at yourself.
The color of the sun as it sets, seeping along the clouds, looking to claim them with the red orange tinge, as if it is trying to grab on and stay in the sky as long as possible.
The joy of remembering times gone by, and the simple pleasures therin.
Knowing that love exists.

Remember the simple things my friends, and life will be grand.


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