Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Leave the Light on 

Have you ever done something, and when you wake up the next morning really really regret it? No- I am not talking about intimate relations, I just mean in general. Oh sure- we've all drunk too much and felt it in the morning... but I am talking actions- words.
There are times we throw words into the air out of desperation, and do not realise what those words will mean in the long run. Sometimes out of anger, sometimes out of love or hate, sometimes just out of pure frustration, words will run out of my mouth that can never be taken back. It is so hard to let go of that, and to just shrug and say- whats done is done. For now it has been done. It was the right thing to say of course; but that does not ease the regret I feel this morning.
So just know, in spite of the words I throw, the light will always be left on for you to return.


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