Wednesday, October 22, 2003

There should be an unwriten law that the phone cannot ring before 8am. Especially if it is the workplace. Responsibilities are the bane of our natural existance. So yet again I have been guilted into skipping classes and going to work. Why do I feel I must always jump at thier command? It is my day off after all. Ahhh, but the damage is done.
So today I look forward to a 2 hour drive with the boss. An hour there and an hour back. It might make it worth it if I was able to take off for a bit and go see my muse, but I will not be able to. Such a wasted trip!

Thought Jumping.
Do you ever notice when you write these things your thoughts jumping in about 20 different directions? I can think of 1000 things I want to write, but not a single one anyone would probabley want to read.

Yet again
Has anyone else ever noticed how frustrating it is to set up a blog template? I spent about 4 hours on this thing last night. Amazing graphics, and yet, they don't want to show. I wonder if that is just my browser, or if I have done something amazingly wrong. It has not been THAT long since I wrote HTML has it? So much desire for perfection, and the code just doesn't want to cooperate. *sigh* I think I just might re-do the whole design instead. I have a bad habit of doing that. Never happy with a design.


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