Thursday, October 30, 2003


Tommorow morning, 6am, I will be climbing on a plane to see my family in New York. I think I have mentioned this once or twice. I am so physically exhausted from work, that I am really really really looking forward to this vacation. I did a favor for the Tracy store and opened for them this morning. Thank god I did as the GM ended up in the hospital. Poor girl, everything is working against her. I look at her, and I am SO glad I demoted. I lost my day off for the week, but god knows I feel pretty good that I was able to be there to help.
I spent this evening at school, and spent some time in the photo lab trying to save the pictures I took on Monday so badly. I guess it's a good thing that I have killed a few rolls of film at this point, because I am getting great at the printing process. I am also learning that a photo taken at 2am, in a garage, in the back of someones car is going to be WAY too dark. I think I have printed it about 12 times now, trying to get the color just right... or should I say shades seeing as it's a black and white. I am about to give up on it. However I have managed to retrieve 3 other good ones, and they came out pretty spiffy. My appeture and shutter speed settings may suck, but there is nothing wrong with my composition skills. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them scanned.
On another photography note, we had a guest lecturer last night in class. He an aviation photographer (basically meaning he takes photos out of planes). My god his pictures are incredible. Just some amazing scenery. This is his website: RJ Aerial The pictures he showed us are not uploaded, but you get some idea of the stuff he does. The coolest thing, is I got some information on getting a chance to give it a shot. Go up for half an hour to an hour and take pictures to my hearts content. I will have to make a few phone calls and dammit I must do this- what an opportunity!

Well that is all for the night. I must be to bed as I have a 3am wakeup call.


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