Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Everything changes. Time flows like sand through my hands and I cannot seem to grasp any of the grains. It is 3.25 in the morning as I write this, and I feel that the last hours of my life have been some of the longest. It is strange how people will ebb and flow in your life. Some remain forever, and some blaze a trail across your heart, leaving behind a memory or two to sustain you.
The last few weeks have been a tide of people entering my life. Many new friends, and old ones rediscovered. Each one has helped me learn something about myself, some more than others. I have never been the easiest person to love, just ask my mother, or my best friend Lyndall, or my roomate. I am stubborn, hard headed, and reluctant to do something I don't want to at any given moment. But I guess those who know me well will always forgive me, for they know that I will do anything for another, and I genuinly care.
Sometimes I hate the fact that I give a crap. There are days when it hurts just way too much.

And for those who post the question- my love never ends.


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